«gamification is the process of using game thinking and mechanics to engage audiences and solve problems» (gabe zichermann)

- designed to manipulate people, not actually making the content more fun

- points, gold stars, etc, as incentive; no actual value

- «game-based marketing»

- good for making money

- focus is on points, not content

- kind of saying that the learning you get out of it isn’t good enough in itself

- farmville, neko atsume, etc is about waiting

- compulsory, taking advantage of people’s desire for instant gratification (a problem with / reason for addiction)

- superficial, fleeting rewards

- companies’ pursuit of consumer engagement to make money from them

games that «speak to you as a human being beyond a just bundle of reflexes that can be psychologically manipulated» exist (jonathan blow)

- «the real world is more compelling than the fantasy world»

- gamification is «non-fiction gaming»

- «farmville is poke with cows»