Hanna Bergman

Det er som vi befinner oss i en overgangsperiode der det fortsatt ikke finnes en form for det digitale, i alle fall ikke en form som er mer selvsagt enn den analoge versjonen.

Grafillintervju om analoge vs digitale bøker, multimodal lesning + The Reading School links

Jonathan Blow

I’m a person, who has a lot of things that I think about, about the world and things that I wonder about, and sort of mysteries that I’m interested in; everybody has their own little idea of what living life well means, and I have that idea, and it doesn’t have very much to do with shooting a lot of guys in the head

Creator of Braid and The Witness

Metaphors, mathematics & the imagination

Roger Antonsen, logikkprofessor på UiO: TEDxOslo talk: communicate science differently, inspire creative thinking, and remove the common misconceptions about mathematics and computer science

Linda Liukas

The more approachable we feel technology is, the more we play with systems, take them apart, tweak and tinker with them, the better sense of what's possible we have.

Barnebok om koding "Hello Ruby", Rails Girls, TED talk: "The poetry of programming"; learn technology through play and storytelling

Jonathan Harris

Life is very messy and chaotic, but when you’re building a computer program, it’s incredibly orderly. You know where everything goes and you can obsess over every little detail, so you can live in this perfect, imaginary universe. You can engineer a reality and then live in that reality for most of your days. That reality can be free of conflict, free of complexity and emotions.. It’s very utopian.