Metaphors, mathematics & the imagination

Roger Antonsen, logikkprofessor på UiO

His vision is to communicate science differently, to inspire creative thinking, and to remove the common misconceptions about mathematics and computer science.

Understanding has to do with the ability to change your perspective

Mathematics has to do with patterns: finding patterns, connections, structures, regularities, rules that govern what we see; and then representing these patterns with a language; making assumptions and doing cool stuff

We make up languages for what we need to understand if there is no language already to describe it; representations of patterns

Leibniz; invented a language for patterns in nature

Playing with metaphors

Playing with perspectives and analogies

Telling one story in different ways

Making several narratives

All of these things make understanding possible

And is fundamental for human understanding

View the structure from the inside to see the essence

We use our imagination; this is a requirement to change your perspective

We use our imagination to change our perspective every day; it’s called empathy!

Empathy requires imagination, and that is how we obtain understanding

playing games with numbers!