mỹthos [μῦθος, "narrative, fiction"] – (implies falsehood)

– establish models for behaviour
elicit and support a sense of awe before the mystery of being
– render an image of the universe that will support and be supported by this sense of awe before the mystery of the presence and the presence of a mystery (Joseph Campbell)
– initiate an individual into the order of realities of his own psyche, guiding him toward his own spiritual enrichment and realization

Myths create aspiration; and aspiration, not authority, is the motivator of civilisation (Campbell) "A mythological canon is an organisation of symbols, ineffable in import, by which the energies of aspiration are evoked and gathered toward a focus."

Joseph Campbell
American mythologist; comparative mythology and religion

Influenced Star Wars, the Matrix, the Lion King
Robert Langdon (Dan Brown)

The Masks of God: