Through the looking glass

Through the looking glass: Creating enchanting experiences through presence, design and emergent technology

Rosa Hernandez


Create and see change as I create
Tactile experiences linked to presence
Role of the graphic designer: no longer a fixed role with a fixed skill set
The space in between technical and visual, not just designer and not programmer, not exclusively visual or exclusively logical

Enchanting experiences bringing people together
Media archaeology

Open sourcery
Rushkoff 2012 (boka jeg lånte av Joel!)

Play and immersion
Understanding experience in interactive systems, forlizzi & battarbee, 2004

What is play vs games, differences and similarities
The computer has become a tool for collaboration through the internet
Participation and co-design

Bolter & gromala, 2003

Augmented Reality

Visual research; create an aesthetic palette to give you a reference on the visual language to use for your project, divided into categories

Play in design practice; solving a problem that is interesting to you makes work feel like play
The MA is an opportunity to discover what interests you and make work into play

McLuhan 1968

Tim brown ted talk:

Tales of creativity and play

Think big!

"To design is to change for the better, and I have used that philosophy as a guide"

Learning by doing, reflect while doing

Women who code; being a minority in the field I want to work in; "as technology linked to design becomes more pervasive in our lives, so will the people behind them, and that future is for everyone"
(Normkreativitet, bastion/bang, observations of a woman designer)

Programming and fear, intimidating technology; fear is just a psychological barrier
Coding is not something just for computer scientists

Being comfortable with being uncomfortable